Next Step Ideas

If you attended the Doing Well by Doing Good workshop at the 2019 Women’s Summit on Entrepreneurship
@ Bucks County Community College
on Friday, October 18, 2019, this page is for you!

Here’s a starter set of scalable ideas you can use to seed your plans for incorporating more of the Society-Builder Paradigm into your business. To say the following ideas are just starting to scratch the surface is an understatement. There are volumes of work available for each area mentioned below. There are also so many different ways to approach doing good. Ultimately, what you do and the unique way you do it needs to fit
your company, in your industry, in your community. Start with your own aspiration (it might not be listed below) and let your curiosity, creativity, and business acumen guide you.

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Aspiration: Transforming Your Business Through Leadership

Leading with authenticity: Find ways to let people see your values in action; tell specific, genuine stories that highlight your track record of doing the right thing for the greatest good of all concerned. Improve how you make decisions; consider using an ethical decision-making framework - see one example here.

Operating with transparency: Create opportunities for people to provide you with constructive feedback; listen and let them know how you’ll be incorporating that feedback. Be open to new experiences and new ways of doing things.

Profitably reinvesting in purpose: Consider how you reward or support the people who are essential to your success beyond compensation. Be generous with your time.

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Aspiration: Becoming an Employer of Choice

Bringing out the best in your team: Create opportunities for people to develop new capabilities. Provide access to coaches or mentors. Encourage lifelong learning.

Creating an inspired culture: Support your employees with “above and beyond” benefits, i.e. life insurance, burnout prevention strategies, flexible schedules, pet insurance, shredding services and so much more! Consider measuring employee engagement via a formal assessment. Implement recognition programs.

Valuing diversity and inclusion: Make a formal commitment to value people with diverse thinking styles, language, ethnicity, religious perspectives, job level, race, culture, skills, gender, physical ability and more. Develop activities to bridge the gaps.


Aspiration: Addressing a Social Issue

Being a great community neighbor: Lend management and technical talents with nonprofit agencies that request help in those areas. Encourage a culture of volunteerism by giving awards for community service, even if it’s not company-sponsored.

Making a positive impact on society: Develop a written statement on the intended social impact of your company’s charitable contributions that’s also strategically aligned to your business, i.e. a digital marketing company working to diminish cyberbullying.

Spending on local suppliers: Identify a percentage of the company’s expenses (excluding labor) to spend with independent, local suppliers including banks.


Aspiration: Becoming More Planet-Friendly

Reducing environmental impact: Outline your company’s POV on waste, i.e. is it viewed as inefficient? costly? Implement a company-wide recycling program. Consider composting; companies provide this as a service!

Using eco-friendly materials: Identify and give priority to purchasing green products, gifts, and services such as accounting, event management, and web design; learn more here.

Monitoring energy and water use: Determine how much is spent on energy and water usage and then set reduction targets. Make changes as needed, i.e. install “smart” thermostats, use double-sided printing, install low-flush toilets, reduce excessive outdoor lighting, and more!