[Video Profiles] The Mindset of Doing Good in Business

The mindset or intention to do well by doing good in business is vital to its success. 

I'm very lucky to meet business owners and company leaders who have that mindset and demonstrate it in their core business practices.

Here are three companies that have been aligning their business practices to the standards of what it means to do well by doing good in business for quite some time, long before The Positive Business was founded. Each company is located in the Greater Philadelphia area and is operating at the new next level of business. Their stories are a testament to what mindset can help you accomplish, and that's why I want to share them with you.

  • Learn how Kevin Nolan, CEO of Nolan Painting, was inspired by his father to do good in business (0.24).

  • Hear Hope Bear, Chief People Officer at AWeber, talk about how they take care of their team and the impact it has on retention and customer experience (2:14).

  • Discover how Leslie Conway, CEO of Inspiring Teens, is encouraging the next generation of women leaders, instigators and high achievers to be fearless in pursuit of making a difference. (4:19)

Many thanks to everyone who generously gave of their time to share their stories and to the wonderful people who connected us all.

A special thank you to Mik Austin and Rob Marcolina of Philly Philms for being passionate about productions that make an impact and for being an integral part of this project!