Practical Advice on Improving Employee Engagement

As a business owner or company leader, do you want to experience the benefits of people who “go the extra mile” at work? Are you frustrated by the attempts you’ve taken that haven’t yielded the results you wanted?

Then I invite you to listen to this week’s episode of the Doing (good) Business podcast. My co-host, Lara Heacock, and I delve into the topic both from the personal development side (Lara’s expertise) and the professional development side (my contribution).

Lara shares some leadership advice on the topic that I think is simply good advice for everything you do today, not only understanding people.

I take you back to the basics, encouraging you to formulate a strategy to draw out the individualistic aspect of humans that make businesses better – including yours. Spoiler alert: It’s amazing what clarity you can have when you set goals + identify objectives + take specific actions + have a way to measure results to make data-supported decisions. Intrigued? Read on.

The Doing (good) Business podcast is a weekly production and collaborative project between Lara Heacock Consulting and The Positive Business. We have two types of shows; we tackle business topics that are often misconstrued or otherwise muddy, and we interview business leaders in all types of companies, throughout the country (and soon to be world!) who are doing good business.

We learn. We share. We laugh.

Join us!

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