Hello Friends!

It was terrific to meet you at The Salon! Hearing your perspectives have helped to broaden mine, and I wanted to share links to some of the organizations and topics we discussed that I hope are useful to you. Let me know if I've forgotten any or if you'd like me to add others, email with the details.


Links to Organizations

B Corporation

Conscious Capitalism

The Center for Positive Organizations

The Fourth Sector Group

GoodGuide - Thank you, Laurie, for sharing this! It's interesting to see how different products rate, especially those from one brand. It's interesting to see how consumers are driving much of these good or positive initiatives. I also found it interesting to learn that the company received a significant amount of funding in the five years leading up to its acquisition. 

Recommended Reading

On the topic of creating real and shared value, I highly recommend Digging Deeper, How Purpose-Driven Enterprises Create Real ValueThe three authors have done remarkable work in providing simple explanations and inspiring case studies from around the world.

Only three left at Amazon

More at Barnes and Noble.

There's one used copy available at Better World Books. It ships from the U.K. so it might take a little longer; however, Better World Books is a certified B Corp so your purchase helps support financial literacy charities.

The recently-released Edelman Trust Barometer. Thank you, Dan, for mentioning this! This sobering report is helpful when we remember that bad news is still good information; what matters is what we do with that information.

Because it seems we've all experienced some incivility in our careers, I also recommend Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace. While Dr. Porath describes some negative scenarios we can all relate to, she also recommends many positive (aka "solutions-focused") things we can do to foster more civility at work, including some seemingly very benign habits we can adopt.